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Gluten Free Labels are Awesome: Review & Giveaway!

By May 30, 2013 Gluten-Free Products

Long gone are the days of containers with sharpie scribbles of gluten free written all over them. We can step up our game and not be ashamed of the way our labeled gluten-free food-filled containers look!

starter kitI recently welcomed the addition of Gluten Free Labels to my household’s kitchen. My gluten-free tub of butter no longer has my scribbles on it, but instead it has a cute, little g-free sticker! I no longer have to write all over the tops and sides of jars because Kelly, the creator of Gluten-Free Labels, has done something that our community has needed for ages – she created a classy way for us to label our food!

In a Shared Kitchen:

Gluten Free Labels are a MUST for a shared kitchen and can help you prevent unfortunate cross-contamination issues from occurring. They would have been a Godsend when I was in college sharing a kitchen with my roommates, but it’s better late than never, right?

I received the Gluten Free Labels Starter Kit in the mail and was ecstatic. The starter kit contains a variety of dishwasher safe labels included 8 circle labels, 12 mini labels, 2 customizable rectangular labels, AND 2 silicon tags, all for $14.99! The first thing I did when I opened up my starter kit was stick one of the circle labels on my container of butter. I always go through this process of “Wait, which one is mine and which one is the gluten-eater of the household’s?” It was great to finally remedy that confusing situation.

Gluten Free Labels

The second thing I did with my starter kit was put the silicon tag to use! Just days before receiving the labels in the mail I was 0.2 seconds away from being glutened from a dirty pan that looked clean, so it was a relief to stick the tag on there and not have to worry anymore!

One thing that I think is fantastic about my starter kit is the dishwasher safe labels! Now we can simply designate certain containers to hold only gluten-free food, taking away A LOT of the worry surrounding food mix-ups in shared kitchens.We won’t have to worry about the sharpie markings fading in the dishwasher when we have these great labels!

labeled containers

In regards to the little stickers that you can place on butter, peanut butter, jam, and other similar, you can easily reuse those too! If you usually purchase the same brand of products every time, when one runs out, just put the lid with the label on the new container and voila, you’re labeled and ready to go! Talk about recycling, eh?

sandwich spread labeled

At a Party or Potluck:

There’s nothing worse than creating delicious food and setting up a beautiful buffet display, and then ruining it with the words gluten free scribbled on scrap paper. Don’t let the party atmosphere suffer when labeling! Keep it classy with gluten free labels:

  • Stick a gluten-free label on the pan or dish that holds the gluten-free food.
  • Stick gluten-free flags in the gluten-free treats on the dessert table.
  • Loop a silicon tag around the gluten-free serving spoon.

On Adult Beverages:

Ever go on vacation or a long weekend with a group of friends or family and everyone brings alcohol to add to the bar? The percentage of alcohol that is actually gluten free may be small so you’re going to want to take ownership of what you added to the collection.

If you write THIS IS [insert name here]’s BOOZE! all over the bottle, people might think you’re rude. But, if you stick a little gluten-free sticker on the bottle allowing people to realize that not all of the adult beverages are safe for you, you won’t come across as unfriendly.

Win the Gluten-Free Labels Ultimate Kit!!

Of course I’m not just going to tell you how amazing gluten free labels are and not offer up some for you to win! I have an Ultimate Kit up for grabs (valued at $21.99) which includes the following labels:

  • 64 gluten free flags
  • 2 silicon tags
  • 12 mini dishwasher safe labels
  • 8 circle dishwasher safe labels
  • 2 customizable dishwasher safe rectangular labels
  • Menu of recommended “taggable” items

You can enter to win the Ultimate Kit below. It’s a pretty rad deal!

ultimate kit display

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Separate Gluten-Free Appliances: Are they necessary?

By January 19, 2013 Gluten-Free Experiences

A question that many new gluten-free eaters ask themselves.

Do I really need to go out and buy a new toaster? Will I really get sick from crumbs?

The above questions are asked at the same time that the overwhelming feeling of what has my life become? starts to set in.

Do you have a dedicated gluten-free toaster? I do. I went out and got one the day I went gluten-free. If I was going to do this whole change my lifestyle thing, I was going to do it right. That’s just the kind of person I am though. I don’t half-*** anything, so I definitely wasn’t going to cut any corners as I got myself healthy. No way, no how.

But, not everyone feels the way I feel. Maybe they don’t get the same symptoms from gluten that I do, and see this all as a bunch of jargon that their doctor told them. Maybe they just don’t want to go out and buy another appliance, or maybe they don’t have the extra funds to go purchase yet another thing for this diet.

I understand where you’re coming from if you’re on the fence. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have my own opinions regarding it all. We are all entitled to that, aren’t we?? I’m pretty dead-set on the dedicated appliance thing too, so when I decided to do the below experiment, regardless of the outcome, I knew it wouldn’t change my dedicated-appliance practices.

Does a non-dedicated toaster pose a serious threat?

What is GlutenTox? It is a kit that allows you to test for traces of gluten, whether it be 5ppm or 20ppm. I was given a couple kits from Emport LLC at the Celiac Awareness Tour in Cleveland.

I didn’t want to test actual food though, I wanted to test something that we all can relate to. So, the first thing that popped into my head was testing the gluten-eater toaster in my household.

If I toasted gluten-free bread in the gluten toaster, would it be contaminated?

GlutenTox Experiment

Experimentation Time

So here’s what I did:

1. Read the GlutenTox directions and got everything I needed: Gluten toaster, gluten-free bread, GlutenTox testing tubes.

2. Toasted a slice of Rudi’s Gluten-Free bread. Scraped as much of the top layers off as I could, which yielded one scoop of crumbs.

3. Put the bread crumbs to the test.

The Results

The test strip (which looked like a pregnancy test so I didn’t post any pics online…didn’t want people to get the wrong idea!) had a blue line across the middle. If a red/pink line appeared after 10 minutes, there would be traces of gluten found in the sample.

So I waited….

Ten minutes later the timer went off. What were the results?


Not going to lie, I was kind of ticked off. Had I been taking unnecessary measures the past 3 years? Are my toaster-beliefs all a lie?!

These questions were running through my head as I wondered how I would write to all of you that the test was negative, and that the gluten toaster didn’t contaminate my bread. BUT, that’s when I realized that there’s still too many unknowns…

Did I scrape every part of the bread? Did every crumb make it into to the little test tube? If I didn’t scrape some tiny little space on the bread, I would still have ended up eating it, resulting in a gluten-induced illness.


Even after analyzing the data I collected, I still wouldn’t use the gluten toaster. The threat is still there. I didn’t have a positive this time, but I might next time.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t get in bed with the Devil.

That’s my opinion. What’s yours?

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