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Gluten-Free Super Bowl Food: Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks

By January 28, 2014 Gluten-Free Recipes

I was flipping through a must-make-these-dishes kind of blog post the other day when I got the inspiration to make the below recipe. Originally found on Inspired Taste, the recipe uses your everyday, gluten-filled pizza dough. By making the very simple switch to gluten-free pizza crust, we have the below masterpiece. Enjoy my friends!

Gluten-Free Super Bowl Food

Gluten-Free Super Bowl Party Food

It’s that time of year – time to find a recipe for guilty pleasure-ish party food to share at the Super Bowl party. This may seem difficult to the gluten-free eater as you may think that your options are limited and others might not enjoy the gluten-free alternative you add to the buffet table.

Worry no more! This recipe for Gluten-Free Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks will do nothing but make taste-buds water.

This gluten-free pizza recipe is relatively easy and there isn’t an endless ingredients list to deal with either. Check out the instructions below to see how you can bring gluten-free deliciousness to the table during Super Bowl XLVII (that’s 48, by the way)!



Preheat your oven to 400 Degrees so everything is ready to go when it is time to heat up your gluten-free pizza crust.

Pillsbury gluten-free pizza dough

Cook your chicken on the stove top (I cooked my chicken in a pan, adding water after the tenders began to brown).  Let simmer until tender and easy to shred. **To save time on party/game day, cook your chicken and shred it ahead of time.

chicken for gluten-free buffalo chicken pizzaWhile your chicken is simmering, get your pizza crust ready to go. Grease your pizza pan and your hands so you can spread it easier. Spread the pizza on the pan.

Pillsbury gluten-free pizza crust
Cook your Pillsbury gluten-free pizza crust for the recommended 12-14 minutes on the tub.

gluten free pizza crust While your pizza crust is cooking, shred the chicken and measure 2 cups out.

shredded chicken for gluten free buffalo chickenGet the ingredients to make the buffalo sauce ready (butter, hot sauce, garlic powder, salt). Heat the butter in a saucepan then add in the hot sauce and seasonings. Stir until combined.

Pour your buffalo sauce over the chicken, making sure it is all evenly coated.

buffalo chicken gluten freePlace your chicken on your gluten-free pizza crust. Next, add your Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese, along with half of your chopped green onions.

chicken with gluten free pizza crust

gluten free pizza

Cook the pizza crust + toppings for an additional 10 minutes.Take out of the oven and sprinkle the additional green onions on top.

super bowl gluten free pizza

Step back and drool at the sight of this gluten-free masterpiece.

I cut my gluten-free pizza into sticks for party-serving purposes. You can cut the pizza into any shape that your gluten-free heart desires!

So, How’s It Taste? 

The consensus on the pizza was that it was magnificent. My mom, gluten free and not a spicy foods kind of gal, loved the pizza. She thought the Buffalo sauce had just the right amount of “kick”.

My gluten-eating stepdad enjoyed the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, too. He even requested that I leave him a couple slices for leftovers. This is a man who has a reputation of never eating leftovers, so I take that as an serious compliment.

If you’re looking for a gluten-free party dish to service this coming Super Bowl Sunday, this is the winner. Let the gluten-free applause begin!

Gluten-Free Super Bowl Food: Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks
Recipe Type: Party Food, Pizza
Cuisine: Pizza
Author: G-Free Laura
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serve this Gluten-Free Buffalo Chicken Pizza at your Super Bowl party or game day celebration. It’s sure to be a hit!
  • 1 tub of Pillsbury gluten-free pizza crust
  • 1/3 cup Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
  • 4 Tbsp. non-salted butter
  • 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 2 Cups shredded chicken
  • 1 Cup cheddar cheese
  • 1 Cup mozzarella cheese
  • 2 green onions, chopped
  1. Preheat your oven to 400 Degrees.
  2. Cook your chicken on the stove top (I cooked my chicken in a pan, adding water after the tenders began to brown). Let simmer until tender and easy to shred. **To save time on party day, cook your chicken and shred it ahead of time.
  3. While your chicken is simmering, get your pizza crust ready to go. Grease your pizza pan and your hands so you can spread it easier. Spread the pizza on the pan.
  4. Cook your Pillsbury gluten-free pizza crust for the recommended 12-14 minutes on the tub.
  5. While your pizza crust is cooking, shred the chicken and measure 2 cups out.
  6. Get the ingredients to make the buffalo sauce ready (butter, hot sauce, garlic powder, salt). Heat the butter in a saucepan then add in the hot sauce and seasonings. Stir until combined.
  7. Pour your buffalo sauce over the chicken, making sure it is all evenly coated.
  8. Place your chicken on your gluten-free pizza crust. Next, add your Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese, along with half of your chopped green onions.
  9. Cook the pizza crust + toppings for an additional 10 minutes.
  10. Take out of the oven and sprinkle the additional green onions on top.
  11. Step back and drool at the sight of this gluten-free masterpiece.


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Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

By November 14, 2012 Gluten-Free Products

A good gluten-free pizza crust can be hard to find. Sure, there are a variety of options out there these days, but it can be difficult to find a brand that is decently priced but doesn’t taste like cardboard.

I am happy to say that I have found a pizza dough mix that is reasonably priced, not too difficult to make, and tastes wonderful. There is no questioning that kitch+table pizza dough mix will please your palate. As the package states, incredibly easy and so crazy good that you may not believe it’s actually gluten-free. No false advertisement there. That statement is 100% the truth.

I had a kitch+table baking night this past weekend and my taste-buds had the time of their life. The plan was to make the kitch+table pizza dough for dinner and then the brownie mix for dessert. I mixed up the dough, which was very easy – add 7/8 cup water to pizza dough mix; mix in countertop mixer for 2 minutes. I then spread the dough out on a baking sheet, and used a fork to prick the dough all over. Then, I let the dough rise for just around 30 minutes.

Next, I simply baked the dough for 10-12 minutes until it was fully set. I added my toppings – pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni, and baked the pizza for another 16 minutes (recommended 14-18).

When I took the pizza out of the oven I was very excited to dig in. The crust wasn’t that cracker-thin noise you get with other brands. It also wasn’t weirdly dense. I felt accomplished.

I cut the pizza into slices and loaded up a plate. Of course I burnt the roof of my mouth because I am the most impatient person ever when it comes to waiting for delicious food to cool down. After my first bite I thought to myself, Did I really just make THIS GOOD of a pizza?!

…Yes, it was THAT good.

I’ve tried the frozen pizza crusts at the store, and while they did take care of my “need” for pizza ingredients, they never fulfilled my expectations. That’s not the case with kitch+table. Every one of my taste bud’s expectations were met, and I highly recommend this product to anyone that likes pizza!


Show kitch+table your g-free love and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. You can also visit their website and see some delicious looking photos of pizza and brownies. Beware of the cravings that will bring!

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Gluten-Free in Columbus, OH

By September 15, 2012 Gluten Free Vacation, Gluten-Free Restaurants
Chicken Parmesan

On a recent trip to Columbus, OH I stumbled upon a gluten-free gem that goes by the name of Marcella’s Ristorante.

While staying at the Hyatt Regency hotel on North High Street, I was on a mission to find a restaurant that 1) was within walking distance and had gluten-free options, and 2) had gluten-free options that would actually fill me up after starving on convention style food for 2 full days.

How did I accomplish this mission? A little thing I like to call a Google search…keywords: Gluten-Free Restaurants in Columbus, OH. It was really THAT easy. Thank you technology.

So after walking three blocks on North High Street, I stepped through the double doors of the cutest restaurant ever. Wine bottles lined the walls, candles were lit on every table , and a deli counter [circa 1960] decorated the back of the restaurant. I immediately told my friend that I wanted to move to Columbus just so we could visit Marcella’s on a regular basis [and this was before I even tasted the food].

We were greeted by our waitress and I explained that I would be ordering off of the gluten-free menu [which was huge by the way]. But, first things were first – I had to order a glass of sangria.

When our sangria was brought back to the table, I was ecstatic to order since I had skimmed the menu in the meantime. I asked whether or not they provided gluten-free bread baskets, and the answer was yes – and it was homemade. I then asked about getting gluten-free CHEESE bread, and the waitress said she could work something out for me…and that she did.
Best gluten-free cheese bread ever.

After falling in love at first bite with the bread, and then inhaling it all at lightning fast speeds, I knew that my entrée would be ballin. I ordered the Chicken Parmesan and penne noodles, and was confident the second round of carbo-loading would be something to write home about.

When the plate was set in front of me, my heart melted.

The large piece of cheese-covered chicken next to the hearty serving of noodles were my dream come true.You may think that the large serving size would result in a take-home box, but you are wrong. I ate every last bite. We won’t talk about how full I was after-the-fact, because that doesn’t really matter. All that matters is how good Marcella’s can serve up a plate of gluten-free Italian gloriousness.

I actually liked the meal so much that I actually came back the next night…for pizza.


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Gluten-Free at Grumpy’s

By June 6, 2012 Gluten Free in Toledo, Gluten-Free Restaurants

It’s pretty much common knowledge that local, home-town restaurants always beat the stuff of chains. For being a native of the Toledo, OH area since the age of 6, I’m pretty disappointed in myself for not experiencing the gloriousness of local lunch-time hot spot, Grumpy’s, until just recently.

Having heard about the restaurant from a few people here and there, then realizing they had gluten-free selections after visiting Gluten-Free Glass City, the time had come for me to schedule myself a lunch date.Being that my mom works in downtown Toledo, would appreciate the gluten-free options, AND would foot the bill, she was obviously the perfect candidate.

[[Disclaimer: If you choose to dine at Grumpy’s, which I highly recommend, they are only open Monday – Friday between the hours of 8am-2pm.]]

The first thing that rubbed me the right way about Grumpy’s was the abundant parking [if there before the lunch rush]. There is a parking lot alongside the building, making the stress and anxiety I get from having to park on the streets nonexistent. Once my mom and I arrived, we walked in and were immediately seated at a table for two. I told the server that we were gluten-free and she then explained to us that they had a selection of gluten-free bread, buns, and pizza crusts that are all homemade each morning. We were instantly ecstatic.

There were many things I was thankful for as we geared up to order our lunch – the gluten-free selections, the handmade bread, the friendly staff, my mom eventually paying for my meal…BUT the number one thing I was thankful for – the fact that I am NOT on a diet. HOLY MOLY we ended up ordering a lot of food!!!!

My mom and I started off by sharing the soup of the day [chicken & rice] as we tried to strategize the rest of our meal. Wanting to have a little taste of everything, we decided to alternate selections and share bites with one another. Being that Grumpy’s is known for their Garbage Salad, my mom decided to order the size small, telling me I would be able to try a bite. This was kind of “whatever” to me since you all know I am not a salad kind of gal. BUT, when the plate came out containing the mixed greens, grilled chicken, onions, raisins, four cheeses, and homemade poppy-seed dressing, I kinda-sorta decided I had to at least try it. After one bite I immediately alerted the media [by tweeting and instagramming] that I officially like salad now!!! The poppy-seed dressing Grumpy’s makes is to DIE for!

After being impressed by a salad [which is very rare for me], I couldn’t wait to experience the rest of the meal. For maximum gluten-free meal optimization, I ordered a hamburger [because I wanted a big yummy gluten-free bun], and my mom ordered the Jennifer’s Special sandwich. Once the plates came out, I was awestruck. There was NO way that the bun on that hamburger was gluten-free, because I had never seen a gluten-free bun that looked so light, puffy, warm, and inviting [to my taste buds]!!!! I was honestly telling my mom that I was afraid they mixed up my order with a regular person’s because the bun tasted too good to be true!

My mom’s Jennifer’s Special sandwich was just that – SPECIAL. Made with Grumpy’s Veggie gluten-free bread, it was unlike anything I have ever tasted. You could tell by looking at it that it would taste amazing…not to mention the yumminess that was between the slices of bread! We started cutting off portions of our sandwiches for one another, with countless “oh my gosh this is good” and “I can’t believe this” comments coming from our table.

After cleaning my plate, and helping my mom to clean hers, we were greeted by our server. Seeing that the words “self-control” do not exist in my vocabulary, I promptly asked what gluten-free desserts they had. We were then happily informed that the chocolate cheesecake along with the chocolate chip cookies were gluten free, so of course we ordered both.

When the cheesecake was set on the table, we were speechless. Had I not been in public, I would have unbuttoned my pants right then & there to make room for my food baby. After taking one bite the only words coming out of my mouth were “Oh my gosh, this is amazing“. I also devoured my gluten-free chocolate chip cookie as well. Part of me is not proud of this moment, but the other part of me is perfectly fine with the way I behaved, because this was honestly the best gluten-free lunch I have ever had.

I fully plan on returning to Grumpy’s to report my findings on their gluten-free pizza, as well as a variety of other sandwiches on the menu. I will do so for the sake of this blog, not for my taste buds. I am a selfless human being as you can see.

For those of you that may be in awe of the sounds and sights of these gluten-free bread products, Grumpy’s does sell by the 1/2 loaf [$5], as well as by the bun [$2]. The pizza crusts, which will be reviewed after my next visit, are sold in packs of 3 [$9]. Visit the Grumpy’s website, or call (419) 241-6728 for more information.

Now go plan your lunch date at Grumpy’s so you can give your taste buds the gluten-free ride of their life.

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Gluten-Free in Marblehead, OH

By May 30, 2012 Gluten Free Vacation, Gluten-Free Restaurants
The Shore Club

Summer in Northwest Ohio is my absolute favorite! Having lived in Toledo, OH for a majority of my life, my most cherished summer memories all include being on Lake Erie.

Marblehead, OH, located just 45 minutes away from Toledo, is my family’s summer time stomping ground. We have docked our boat at Bay Point Marina for the past 8 years, and it isn’t a summer weekend if we aren’t sitting on the beach soaking up the sun.

Bay Point has changed drastically in the past few summers, with lake-front cabins being replaced by three-story mansions, and my favorite walking trail becoming home to new “lots for sale”. I won’t lie, this change initially bothered me, but I am now in awe of the dream homes on the lake, and excited for the hustle & bustle they have brought to the community.

One of my favorite additions to the community is The Shore Club, a seasonal restaurant open for members of Bay Point. Sitting on the beach, with amazing views of the water, and an up close & personal view of Cedar Point [just a water taxi ride away], it hosts a truly beautiful dining experience. Along with great views of the water, this restaurant also has a fantastic gluten free menu to offer diners as well!

I first visited the restaurant for dinner with my mom (also gf), and my Grandma on Mother’s Day. We picked this restaurant because my Grandma absolutely loves the lake [runs in the family]. By doing my usual call-ahead procedure, I knew my mom and I would be able to eat gluten free at the restaurant, but had no idea the extent of the gluten free accommodations!

As our server greeted us, I informed her of our diet restrictions, and she knew exactly what gluten free included [I think we can all agree how frustrating it is when servers are completely unaware of what gluten even is]. She then fetched the menu with all the gluten free dishes listed on it. Being that it is a smaller-scale operation, the menu for the restaurant is somewhat small. A good thing to note is that this did not hinder the gluten free options available whatsoever!

The gluten free menu includes items from each section of the menu: appetizers, salads, sandwiches, entrees, and even the pizza section! Those appetizers available gluten free are chicken wings and french fries, & let me tell you, both are delicious. My sophisticated palette loved these items. Also, how nice is it to have appetizers available!! I hate when everyone gets to enjoy bread. soup, and whatever else when often the gluten free individual sits there plate-less.

The salads available are the Summer Salad with berry vinaigrette, the Grandmere’ with sweet basil vinaigrette, and the Seared Tuna Salad. Now, if you have read my previous posts you know I don’t like to get down with a bowl full of lettuce, but I have to say, when I tasted the Grandmere’ salad I was impressed! The sweet basil vinaigrette they make in-house is scrumptious! This compliment is a lot coming from me, because I pretty much cringe at the taste of any other salad dressing. Kudo’s Shore Club chef, you are the bomb diggity.

Basically every sandwich offered at The Shore Club is gluten free when you go the no-bun route. The list includes a delicious looking hot ham & cheese sandwich, a hot turkey sandwich, pulled pork, grilled chicken, and a variety of hamburgers & cheeseburgers. All sandwiches are served with a salad garnish, meaning you can enjoy one of the three salads described earlier. This may be the only place I would actually take them up on this “salad garnish” offer, rather than swapping my salad for more french fries, that’s how good their homemade salad dressing is!!

Entrees available for the gluten free crowd includes filet mignon and a grilled hawaiian chicken. I did not try the filet mignon yet, but I don’t really see how that wouldn’t be good. I did eat the grilled Hawaiian chicken for dinner and man oh man was it tasty! I practically licked my plate clean. The chicken had pineapple chunks on top, along with a layer of provolone cheese. The portions are also pretty hearty, but the hungry girl I am still didn’t have any to take home [although the normal human being would]. I regret not having a picture of this meal, but unfortunately my stomach was being selfish and didn’t let the blogger in me snap a pic pre-pigout. Shucks…

One thing I did get a picture of was the gluten free pizza available at The Shore Club! My mom and I ordered a pepperoni and sausage pizza one afternoon for lunch and it was super tasty! The sausage was fantastic, and it had the perfect cheese-sauce-topping ratio. Another great thing about this is that the pizza is only $12! I think we can all agree that’s a pretty darn good price for a gluten free pizza seeing that the crusts available at Whole Foods, and other health food stores can be pretty pricey on their own!

The only sad thing about Bay Point is that you have to be a member, or a guest of a member, to come inside the gates. Since my family has docked at Bay Point for years, I have had the luxury of being a member under my parents name. If one doesn’t have a boat, but they live near the Marblehead, OH area, seasonal beach passes are available. A family pass goes for $445. You might think “whoa there, you’re breaking my bank!” but I assure you, once you take in the scenes of Bay Point, you would be packing your beach bag every weekend between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

And who doesn’t want to look at this beautiful view while chowing down on some gluten free gloriousness?!

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Gluten-Free During Lent

By March 2, 2012 Gluten-Free Experiences

If you’re a good Catholic girl like I am, on Friday’s during Lent there is no meat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Now, the carnivore in me has some serious troubles with these restrictions. I don’t like fish. We obviously can’t go out for spaghetti or pizza like other people (unless there is a gluten free restaurant around), and I’m just a picky eater. So what do I eat?

Now some people may reply to this with suggestions to cook some fabulous, tasty, gluten free meal sans meat…but I’m going to be honest with you all – – I’m Lazy. Yeah, I  said it. You obviously can tell by my previous posts that I’m not the blogger with the recipes, and tutorials…I’m the blogger with the stories about eating OUT at gluten free restaurants,  stories of my gluten free vacation, and possibly a post about what dinner my stepdad made me [Craig is the gluten free God]. There’s no post of me describing a recipe I came up with.

So, here is my question to you – – What do you eat on Friday’s during Lent that is gluten free AND easy?

Last week I turned to Rudi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crusts, and whipped up some mini pizzas. I think we can all agree putting sauce, sprinkling cheese, and maybe a vegetable topping is pretty easy. So what recipe do you have that is relatively similar in level of effort, but high in level of tastiness?

Help a gluten free, Catholic sista out.

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