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Gluten-Free in Cleveland: Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

By January 5, 2014 Gluten-Free Restaurants

My best friend lives in Cleveland so I’ve been continuously exploring the gluten-free options available when we decide to eat out during one of my weekend visits. Up until recently, my favorite restaurant in the area was Johnny Mango’s in Ohio City, due to their delicious nachos and excellent margaritas. But, from now on, Luxe Kitchen & Lounge will be considered the winner in my gluten-free book whenever I’m looking for dinner and drinks during one of our girls’ weekends.

Gluten free in Cleveland

My bestie, Alana and I visited Luxe for the first time as part of our New Year’s Eve celebration. We planned to have dinner and drinks before the ball dropped without entirely knowing what our options would be.

As soon as we were sat at our cute table by the window, we knew we had made a good decision. We were able to watch the snow fall outside as we sipped on wine, enjoying the atmosphere and music. There was a special New Year’s Eve menu offered by the restaurant, in addition to the regular menu.

While there was not a designated gluten-free menu, the server notifies the chef of any restrictions and the dish is prepared to those specifications – AKA there isn’t some16-year-old line cook annoyed when their boss tells them to change their gloves. Instead, you have an educated chef preparing a delicious gluten-free entrée!

For starters, Alana and I requested a bottle of wine (there was no “by the glass” drinking for us, it was New Year’s Eve!) and Beef Carpaccio with smoked tomato bearnaise, pecorno, arugula, and lemon. It was so good! I failed to take a picture of it to share with you all, but I’m sure you’d love it, just take my word for it.

Gluten-Free New Year's Eve

After we enjoyed the atmosphere and the great people watching, we were served our main dishes. We both ordered the Pork Osso Buco – I specified how I needed it to be prepared gluten free and Alana said that hers could have as much gluten as necessary. But, as the dishes came out, they were exactly the same.

**Let this be a lesson to people who don’t believe that gluten-free food is good. You unknowingly eat gluten-free dishes all the time, you just don’t realize it.

As we picked up our utensils and began to dig in, we were instantly impressed. The pork literally fell off the bone and into the side of sweet potato and brussel sprout hash with marsala pan jus. Talk about a great way for your taste-buds to ring in the new year!

Gluten Free Pork Osso Buco

We both cleaned our plates, enjoying every last bite. We told one another how we would definitely be returning during my next visit, the question was whether it would be for dinner or Sunday brunch!

If you find yourself in the Cleveland/Ohio City area and are looking for a place to have a spectacular gluten-free meal, Luxe Kitchen & Lounge is the place. Check out their website for more information and look for future posts on my website!

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